TreeTop Studio

I work out of my home studio in southeastern Connecticut. The large second floor space, has windows on three sides that overlook the treetops of the woods surrounding the property.  The centerpiece of course is my press, which is an “Elephant Press” made by Rembrandt Graphic Arts. I have plenty of room in which to work and some space left over to sit and contemplate my next project. It’s an inviting place with the afternoon sunlight pouring in.

My husband built beautiful cabinets to house the numerous supplies that printmaking requires. A granite counter top makes rolling out ink a breeze and clean-up a snap.

I do a lot of work with less toxic photopolymer plates and film. A good light exposure unit is a must to get optimum results and I was fortunate enough to find a fantastic Nu Arc Exposure Unit second hand.

It’s a fantastic studio space and I look forward to spending time in there every day. I’m definitely a lucky printmaker!


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