Mother Daughter Power Struggle (Breaking Away)

My daughter and I inked our bodies and pressed ourselves against paper. Oil paint was rubbed into the dry surface and accented with pastels. Webbing & textured cardboard was added to complete the image.


3 thoughts on “Mother Daughter Power Struggle (Breaking Away)

  1. This is amazing I’ve been looking everywhere for a painting like this this is all I could find or I’m not looking up the right stuff what would this kind of art be called?

    1. Hi Carolyn. This is a monoprint, a one of a kind image. We used our ‘inked’ bodies to press against the paper to create the image. The print was enhanced by hand coloring with oil paint and pastels. Finally, a few collage elements were added to complete the piece.

      Thanks for checking out my work and I’m glad you like this piece. It was created when my daughter was at that early teen stage when all they want to do is spread their wings and assert their independence. As all parents know, totally normal but trying at times.

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