One Size Fits All

I enjoy participating in print exchanges and one of my favorites is the  “Littlest Print” exchange. I have participated in this exchange since it first started in 2009 and always look forward to the challenge of printing such a large edition in such a small format; 3 inches by 3 inches. The level of work submitted by the participants is strong and the portfolio is put together in a professional manner. The theme for the 2012 exchange is “Proclamation & Propaganda”.

I decided to continue with my “Venus Envy” series and work on a piece that deals with the concept of size and that ubiquitous label “one size fits all”.  As millions of women know, that misleading phrase is just hype and can certainly be labeled propaganda promoted by clothing manufacturers trying to appeal to the masses.

The print’s background deals with the categorization of various body types and was meant to highlight society’s need to label women; apple, pear, rectangular, triangular, etc. The small figures were intended to read as hieroglyphics; stylized and symbolic of the need to typecast. An “average” figure stands before these as a counterpoint to these simplified standards. An old dilapidated dress form was included to reference the fashion industry.

There’s a lot going on in this small format but I’m happy with the print and feel that that I successfully used the portfolio’s theme to make a point.


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