Artist’s Statement

                                                            As an artist, I have always been intrigued by the unique opportunities that the me 2017transferred image affords. Printmaking’s flexibility allows me to explore various creative materials and techniques and to combine processes to realize my creative vision.

I work in a variety of printmaking media with a focus on less toxic printmaking materials. To that end, I have been experimenting with photopolymer films and plates, water-soluble printing inks and processes that don’t involve hazardous chemicals.

My work balances between representation and formalism, as I search for elegant solutions to creative challenges. I enjoy complexity, implied meaning and layering and take pleasure in pairing and grouping images to express feelings, ideas and emotions. My imagery is transformed at several stages of the process so ultimately the print that emerges can be a result of digital manipulation, transformations by hand of the film positive or drawing used to make the plate, alterations on the surface of the plate itself and the combining of various printmaking techniques.

As I work from different plates and surfaces, my goal is to keep alive spontaneity and the original intuitive impulse. Often, unexpected results speak of dimensions beyond my original intent and lead to revelations about feelings and ideas. The essence of printmaking for me is that each time a viewer is engaged by a work, the creative process is regenerated through the language of the work itself.


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