Recent Work

This portfolio highlights projects I’ve recently finished and I’ve included a bit of information about each project.

“Free Fall” was created for the 9INHANDPRESS international print exchange. It is a photopolymer intaglio print based on one of my body prints. The full sized body print was photographed, reduced in size using Photo Shop, and printed out on acetate to create a film positive. The image measures 8″ x 10″ and is printed on an 11″ x 14″ sheet of Arnham paper.


“Vision/Revision” was the guiding premise for an exhibition I recently participated in. Each artist presented an original work and a subsequent piece based on the first, thus allowing the viewer to see the transformation that occurs in a second work through the use of materials, technique, or style; affording them a glimpse of the artist’s journey to bring form to an idea.

My initial print, “Offering” was followed by my re-envisioned piece -“Gifts”. “Offering” is a photopolymer intaglio (Solarplate) print with chine colle’. “Gifts”, a diptych monotype collage that includes dried grasses and a crocheted element, is also a photopolymer intaglio but created using ImagOn film.

“Elusive Perfection” was created for an exhibition in Japan sponsored by Awagami Paper. It is a two plate photopolymer intaglio printed on Awagami Shiramine Select paper.

Elusive Perfection

Conundrum;Woods or Water? is a monotype collage that references my dilemma about  choosing which locale I prefer best; my place in the woods or my place by the ocean. When I’m at the shore, I miss my secluded sanctuary in the woods but when I’m in the woods, I find myself longing for the open skyline at the beach. Hence the conundrum.

Conundrum_Woods or Water_Leary copy


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